About Us

Our Story

MyGreenVillage.org is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that helps to promote aclean and green sustainable village and create a harmonious balance between mankind and nature which fosters rational development and coexistence.

Our Mission

  • Build beautiful, clean, eco-friendly, smart, sustainable and plastic free villages.
  • Become a role model for future generations.
  • Help build a network of volunteers.
  • Bring awareness programs about pollution, global warming and their impact on next generations.
  • Undertake measures for a green and clean environment
  • Establish village nurseries.
  • Water harvesting, provide clean water to Villages

Donate for a Cause:

Please help MyGreenVillage.org to fund for planting trees, developing lakes and ponds, recycling waste, rain water harvesting, providing drinking water, building community gardens, preserving local birds and animals, restoring old monuments and historic buildings. Your priceless donations drive us financially and extend great support to achieve our vision for building a beautiful clean & green village. All donations from United States, India and any abroad countries are tax-deductible.

100% of your donations directly support MyGreenVillage.org. To learn more about how to become a MyGreenVillage.org Partner, contact us at mygreenvillage@gmail.com.


MyGreenVillage.org offers volunteer welcome kits, plants, eco-friendly equipment, recycling and water harvesting bins, food to those in need to the local village community. We are continually updating our facilities and equipment while investing in new outreach programs. To learn more about how to sponsor for a special project, please email us directly at mygreenvillage@gmail.com or checkout our causes section.

Community Partners

We are interested in opportunities to work with government, corporate, and like-minded organizations to help build sustainable, eco-friendly, clean water, beautiful green villages. Contact us at mygreenvillage@gmail.com to explore partnership opportunities.

Contact Us:

3-13, Mothadaka, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh- 522016