Our solution is to locate wells closer to people

Rural populations rely on surface water instead of groundwater for everything they do – drinking, cooking, washing and living. These rural communities do not have funds, education or technology to bring the water closer to them so the individual has to travel to the water supply which is often remote from where they live.

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How can we give support and resolve Education problem on Village

 It is main problem in villages. Students are facing shortage of schools and skilled teachers. If any student has some difficulty in some subject, he may not get help for resolving his academic problem. There is no tutor’s. No good schools n colleges. However in such pitiable Co ditions, some good students still are coming out of the villages due to their personal hard work and guidance n inspiration of their elders.


Resolve Electricity and Roads on Village

Road and transport: It is major issue. However road network improved much in villages in last dacades but still much work is to be done. Each village is facing the problem of proper drainage. Suitable slopes, wide roads and disposal point for sanitary sewage and other garbage is problem.


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