Provide Sanitary, Safe and Green School Restrooms for students (ZPHS in Malkajgiri)

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Well-designed school restrooms can enhance student health, deter misbehavior, and conserve resources.

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Provide drinking Water for Mothadaka (Urgent Need)

Underground water levels at Mothadaka have reached below minimum draw down level of 800 feet, which is at very dangerous state.

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Develop vegetation in near by hills and mountains in Mothadaka

Donation : $700.00/ $6,500.00

Taking few steps to save the mountains in Mothadaka and its habitats and large range of plants is essential

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Setup a Digital Education Library for Community in Mothadaka

Donation : $1,200.00/ $8,000.00

A library can be considered as a house of knowledge. It is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools.

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Sponsor kids education who are in need in Mothadaka

Donation : $5,000.00/ $35,000.00

Focusing and improving the literacy rate in the village and providing quality education for children who are willing to go to school.

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Build community vegetable garden in Mothadaka

Donation : $2,000.00/ $18,000.00

There are many benefits of growing our own fruits and vegetables in the village.

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Save Birds and other local species in Mothadaka

Donation : $1,500.00/ $13,000.00

Animals are also a part of this planet, not only humans. There are more than 7 billion people on Earth.

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Improve drainage system in Mothadaka

Donation : $4,000.00/ $25,000.00

Drainage systems are vital to keep villages dry and hygiene.

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Provide Solar Energy (install 100 Solar powered Lights) in Mothadaka

Donation : $1,200.00/ $60,000.00

Street lights are key to support security in villages and it increases the quality of life. Street lighting also improves safety for drivers, riders, and pedestrians.

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Develop focus points in Mothadaka

Donation : $700.00/ $2,500.00

Focal points are used to spreading important news in the village and also used for flag hoisting and other prayers.

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