Develop focus points in Mothadaka

26 June, 2019 India, Causes One
Donation : $700/ $2,500

Focal points are used to spreading important news in the village and also used for flag hoisting and other prayers.


Gandhi Bomma Center

Gandhi Bomma Center

Ambedkar Center

Ambedkar Center


  Problem Statement:

  • Lack of cleanliness in surrounding areas.
  • Currently all main intersections in Mothadaka needs to beautified with flower pots
  • In some places no street lights

 How are we planning to solve ?

  • Providing recycle garbage bins around the area to keep surrounding clean.
  • Install solar lights as needed
  • Beautify the main centers with flower pots and sculptures.

 How can you help ?

  •  Join as volunteer and adapt this cause
  • Adopt a focal point and help to re-design.
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Underground water levels at Mothadaka have reached below minimum draw down level of 800 feet, which is at very dangerous state.

Donation : $700.00/ $6,500.00

Taking few steps to save the mountains in Mothadaka and its habitats and large range of plants is essential

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Donation : $1,200.00/ $8,000.00

A library can be considered as a house of knowledge. It is an important source of knowledge to young minds in schools.

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