Provide drinking Water for Mothadaka (Urgent Need)

20 July, 2019 India, Causes One
Donation : $355/ $200

Underground water levels at Mothadaka have reached below minimum draw down level of 800 feet, which is at very dangerous state.


Problems statement:

  • Huge water crisis.
  • Lack of underground water.
  • Existing water bodies are dried up.

How are we planning to solve?

Short Term: 

  • transport and distribute  the water through tanks Donated a Water Distribution tank to help water crisis in Mothadaka

Long Term:

  • Sponser multiple borewells throughout the village (where there is a high chance of water) and connect them to two main tanks in Monthadaka
  • Water harvesting and collection of rainwater is a proper way to solve the water crisis that eventually fills the water bodies and therefore, farmers can have sufficient water for farms. 
  • Implementing of direct bore well recharge, wherever possible to improve the availability of water for drinking and irrigation needs. 
  • Revitalizing existing water bodies and providing new artificial lakes or pounds.

 How can you help ?

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