Kids Seed Bank

Gardening is a joyful activity and it prepare your kids to improve their lives, communities as well as the planet and the whole ecosystem. Teaching kids about planting and saving the seeds helps them to preserve the environment and care for nature and this way kids learn  to grow many plants and trees.

Since 2015, Mygreen Village Organization is supporting a community of educators planting  many trees in villages  and helping the villagers and caregivers  to bring the life changing benefits of gardening for the kids. Mygreen Village Organization has come up with many initiative programs like contests, curriculums and educational activities  to support the  sustainable development goals of united nations.

Mygreen Village Kids Seed Bank initiative create opportunities for kids  to learn and grow through gardening. Children have a natural  curiosity and it engage them in learning environment and planning realistic goals.

 Kids Seed Bank is an  Artificial Intelligence (AI) based  Mobile application for saving the seeds and to reach out kids by creating an awareness and importance of seeds through fun learning. Mygreen Village is  the brainchild of Mr. Aravinda Boyapati, Founder and he is also a  digital transformation leader,  works in Johnson and Johnson USA, Co-founder Mrs. K. Punyavati, Physical Science Teacher, Zilla Parishad School, Suraram Colony, have taken the developmental educative initiative and designed the platform for digital enlightenment and paving the way for transformation to flourish.

Kids Seed Bank  App has the power to create intelligent machines  which think like humans to a certain level. Kids Seed Bank  App have tried to  solve a complex problem using neural networks. The mobile application has been developed for kids to learn and recognize  different types of seeds  by clicking photos on a smart phone. We have built a machine learning  algorithm to detect a seed by scanning a photo. We have collected various seeds data  to train the model to classify  known seeds as citrus , jackfruit and ground nuts etc. We have deployed our model on cloud and integrated with a mobile application.

This mobile application has below advantages:

  • Explore your environment: To learn the importance of generic diversity for plants and the science behind saving seeds. Classifying the seeds using Artificial Intelligence through Artificial Intelligence algorithms mobile app identifies the type of seed family and its count.
  • Develop sense of responsibly: while collecting seeds, have fun and take care of your environment. Learn the importance of seeds and know how the seeds contribute to maintain ecological health. Our blogs will provide the documents and video’s explaining all the process to make it easy for the kids to understand the concept and implement it and socialize this concept to their friends.
  • Technologize your way :Collect seeds from  fruit and plants from your local environment. Through Kids Seed Bank earn the rewards for helping the earth and your community. Dashboard assign the points for sending the seeds to Kids Seed Bank to the user profile and display all the kids who are part of the kid Seed Bank and provide rewards and points.